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HarJiwan, founder of HarJiwan Yoga, is dedicated to inspiring and uplifting individuals to reach their highest potential in spirit, body and mind through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. One of Australia’s most experienced and dynamic Kundalini Yoga teachers, she has been teaching and presenting nationally and internationally for 22 years (Pilates since 1992).

Formerly also a professional ballet dancer, she has dedicated herself to Yoga since a young age and studied with renowned Yoga teachers globally. After opening and creating a vibrant and successful Pilates studio in Melbourne based at the Australian Ballet Company, her journey lead to New Mexico, USA – studying at the feet of the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan. This was an extremely powerful, profoundly life changing and deeply heartfelt experience and set a new direction.

In 2002 HarJiwan opened Australia’s first Kundalini Yoga studio ‘Kundalini Yoga Australia’ in South Melbourne (also known as Guru Ram Das Ashram, Melbourne – blessed by Yogi Bhajan), which became a hub for introducing the teachings to a new audience and ignited a new wave of teachers. On advice from Yogi Bhajan, HarJiwan developed and came to understand the deep and transforming power of a consistent daily sadhana – spiritual practice. This daily practice includes the powerful Mahbound Lotus Kriya for 31 min which she has practiced daily for over 8 years and continues to this day. The calling came in 2005 to move to Byron Bay where she now resides with her 7 yr old son Bodhi.

HarJiwan has presented hundreds of workshops as well as teaching classes; her signature WOW™ women’s series & WOW™ Retreats, Raw Shakti Yogini™ Seminars & POW™ events. She is also a certified Master teacher and Educator in Raw Nutrition and Longevity, a Healer and has been 100% Raw vegan for over 5 years.

From a very young age, HarJiwan (also known as Jacinta) has always been drawn to spirituality and human potential. At the age of 14 she was drawn to metaphysical sciences, angels and channeling, shamanism and crystal healing. During this time Jacinta/HarJiwan was pursuing her other love – ballet, she took up a scholarship at the Hungarian National Ballet….. and started a global journey.
After several years in Europe fatigue and an ongoing back injury brought her back to Australia. During this time Jacinta/HarJiwan discovered Pilates and immediately recognized its potential. She loved the discipline and effect on the mind and body, feeling the focused core work empowering. She developed a newfound ‘strength’, left the Ballet and undertook training and certification. She quickly developed a deep understanding and appreciation for Pilates and was busy working in rehabilitation and body conditioning with many top Physiotherapists and Medical Practioners in Melbourne (Australia).

After a few years, HarJiwan was offered an International Position in San Francisco to assist in the setting up and opening of a Pilates studio whilst continuing studies and teaching. She then moved on to work with Moira Stott (Stott Pilates) in Toronto, Canada.

The discipline of Ashtanga Yoga found HarJiwan; she immersed herself in Yoga whilst continuing to grow as a Pilates Practioner. Wanting to expand her Yoga training the journey moved from Toronto to London and study with renowned Ashtanga Yogi John Scott and Shandor Remete. This was a time of great growth and joy, teaching Pilates at leading Pilates Studios in London, presenting Pilates workshop’s throughout Europe, traveling back to Toronto to guest teach whilst expanding and deepening her Yoga practice in London. During this time a sponsorship opportunity from Stott Pilates for a Senior Teacher position was presented to her and accepted and it seemed HarJiwan’s path would lead back to Toronto, Canada.

However an injury in London resulted in a journey and detour back to Australia to spend time with family, rehab and healing. Whilst back in Australia a chance meeting led to a series of openings and an offer to take up the position of Pilates and Yoga teacher to the Australian Ballet in Melbourne. Jacinta took up the opportunity and during this time developed a fresh and innovative program in conditioning and rehab uniting her two loves Yoga and Pilates. The dancers of the Australian Ballet Company began to come to HarJiwan for more then body conditioning; her studio became a space of healing for body, mind and spirit. Whilst HarJiwan helped the dancers with conditioning and rehab she also founded ‘Affluent Movement Pilates Studio’ – working with private clients from all walks of life. Her reputation grew and was soon working with elite athletes, performers, celebrities, business people and people with chronic conditions. During this very busy and demanding time of helping others, HarJiwan truly realized the importance and value of her strong daily Yogic practice in nourishing herself and thus being able to give fully to others.

Around this time (2000) HarJiwan’s partner at the time, who had just returned from Los Angeles brought her a gift – a book ‘The Eight Human Talents’ by Gurmukh (a world renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher) in which Gurmukh had written a personal message to HarJiwan that would change the course of her journey. Words truly do have power and before long HarJiwan set off to Los Angeles to study intensively with Gurmukh (as Kundalini Yoga was virtually unknown in Australia). This first time in LA with Gurmukh was the unlocking of her heart and stepping into her destiny and Kundalini Yoga, was like coming ‘home’ she had found her calling.

Upon returning to Australia and her studio HarJiwan began to include some Kundalini Yoga meditations at the completion of her Pilates sessions. Clients loved it and wanted more. HarJiwan continued a Kundalini Yoga home practice alongside her Hatha practice and registered for intensive Kundalini Yoga training and teacher certification in New Mexico with the Master of Kundalini Yoga – Yogi Bhajan. This was an intense and rewarding process. Prior to Kundalini Yoga training Jacinta attended Women’s camp, a weeklong study of Women’s wisdom and ancient teachings on living as a Yogini in which Yogi Bhajan lectured daily. The time in New Mexico was an incredibly deep and transforming experience. Being at the feet of the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Bhajan was extremely powerful, profoundly life changing and deeply heartfelt.

Upon returning to Australia, Jacinta resumed teaching Pilates and Yoga. However the inner shifts that had taken place within her in New Mexico unearthed a new chapter in her life.

One particular event brought about a quickening of this re-direction – being confronted in her studio by a burglar yielding a crow bar. Whilst terrifying, the burglar muttered a line that would not leave her mind – “Is this your place?” For weeks this question lingered, and the answer came. Jacinta resigned from the Australian Ballet as resident Pilates/Yoga teacher, left her successful Pilates studio to begin her path as a Kundalini Yoga teacher – now with the Yogic name given to her by Yogi Bhajan – HarJiwan.

The yearning to go deeper and continue to heal, inspire and help others had manifested. Within as little as 12 months HarJiwan had opened Australia’s first Kundalini Yoga studio and founded ‘Kundalini Yoga Australia’ (KYA) in Melbourne and ignited a wave of Kundalini Yoga in Australia. Many of her Pilates clients and ballet members became regular students and embraced this ‘new’ technology. This was an amazing time of running daily classes, workshops, special events, full moon classes and many private consultations. HarJiwan continued to travel to New Mexico as well as to Golden Bridge in LA to learn from Gurmukh. Their friendship developed  and continues to this day, some fourteen years later (see testimonials).

Several years after first opening her Kundalini Yoga studio, the building that had been home to KYA was about to be sold. With no long-term lease agreement in place it was time to relocate. It had always been a dream to be near the ocean and live a Yogini bohemien ‘beach’ life. After much deliberation HarJiwan came to the decision to relocate North. This was not an easy decision, HarJiwan had established a community of Kundalini Yogi’s, had a strong reputation around Melbourne as a very well respected Yoga and Pilates teacher. To leave Melbourne meant leaving also family, friends and dearly loved students, however the pull to follow her heart was strong and she trusted in that. So HarJiwan and her partner packed up and moved North to Byron Bay, a renowned healing and Yogic hub of Australia. Soon after another dream was realized – pregnancy and HarJiwan gave birth at home to a beautiful boy, Bodhi. Byron Bay was the environment HarJiwan had always wanted to give birth in and it proved to be the perfect place for bringing up Bodhi. The next 2.5 years were devoted to being a mother and yogini committed to bring her child up naturally and consciously. Raising a child was an incredible spiritual practice in itself and one that strengthened her earlier passion, to help women reach their highest potential.

Currently now HarJiwan is teaching regular workshops, class intensives and events in Byron Bay, specializing in women’s yoga, health, healing & self empowerment . She has created ‘Raw Shakti Yogini’ Seminars which will be launching April 2014 along side her WOW™ retreats.  With so much experience behind her, HarJiwan has much to offer – ranging from programs to heal from eating disorders for women, to exciting projects via internet, as well as large live events reaching out to women globally. Contact us and join our tribe, be part of the growing community of empowered women making positive changes in their lives & the world.

Sat Nam and May the Long time Sun Shine Upon You………..


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helena May 21, 2013 at 11:44 PM

Oh wow, that really moves me (your “story”), thank you for sharing xx.

I did your workshop “ecstatic manifestations” at KMyoga last Saturday. It was my first real experience with kundalini yoga and I loved it!!! I felt on the deepest level why I’ve felt instinctively drawn to kundalini yoga for quite some time now. It was profoundly moving and I could really feel its power (and my own through practicing it). Thank you. I hope to enjoy more of your workshops and hopefully one day maybe I can even be taught by you:)…

Love and blessings,

Lauren July 7, 2013 at 8:55 AM

I attended your workshop today called POW . Wow that experience that power of teaching was incredible . People travel the world to find this and I was lucky enough to have found it an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast. Can’t wait to experience more. Your story is do profound and enlightening. :)

BODHI December 29, 2013 at 2:14 AM


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